Pursue Serenity

Anxiety and worry are at an all-time high with the outbreak of the Delta variant of COVID-19, political unrest, and numerous natural disasters. How do some retirees push through these challenges with a smile while others feel dread? It takes just a moment to change a negative thought into a positive attitude. One of my clients, Jan, handled this well.... Read More

Summertime Joy

Warmer weather surrounds us. Time to thaw out those winter blahs. Some of us have ideas of what we want to accomplish or where to vacation in this beautiful season of adventure and possibilities. The lazy days and nights with sweet smells of blooming jasmine or salty air are only a few of summer’s little joys. Whatever this season... Read More

A Better Retirement

The Gap: What’s Missing? The gap identifies the distance between your needs and expectations of your retirement years. It also shows us places where retirement falls short of your ideal and fails to align with your values and your life purpose. Make a list of your values, then ask yourself these questions. What is missing from your life right now? On... Read More

Is Finding Happiness in Retirement a Choice?

Does it ever seem like you have less to look forward to in retirement than other people? As a retiree myself, I know we all have days when we wonder, “What’s next?” I made the mistake of uttering those words a couple of years back after I retired and moved to a new state. I didn’t know a soul, which led... Read More