Is Finding Happiness in Retirement a Choice?

Does it ever seem like you have less to look forward to in retirement than other people? As a retiree myself, I know we all have days when we wonder, “What’s next?” I made the mistake of uttering those words a couple of years back after I retired and moved to a new state. I didn’t know a soul, which led me to feel sorry for myself. It was hard to get dressed, start moving, or get excited to face a new day. I had a choice. It didn’t take long to know I needed purpose. That’s when my retirement years became the best years of my life.

Some of you have followed my blog posts for a few years. I appreciate you, but after my husband died, I needed a break. I found it wasn’t easy moving through life alone. That’s why I decided to reach out to leadership retirees. With the help of a retirement coach, you can move forward faster with the things you want to do and accomplish. Now, my passion wakes me up each morning. I’m following my dream and have a purpose.

Everyone can live their dreams and find meaning in retirement. Is there a dream in your heart that still lingers? Do you feel somewhat discouraged? Do you question who you are now that you’re alone or not working?

Most Baby Boomers who built their careers in administration or management were usually highly motivated team players and always looking for ways to improve. Allow your God-given abilities to be put to good use. Change forces us to abandon old habits or ways of thinking. Is it your time to make a change in how you want to live? If it is, take my hand, and let me develop a plan to guide you to a rewarding retirement lifestyle.

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