Summertime Joy

Warmer weather surrounds us. Time to thaw out those winter blahs. Some of us have ideas of what we want to accomplish or where to vacation in this beautiful season of adventure and possibilities. The lazy days and nights with sweet smells of blooming jasmine or salty air are only a few of summer’s little joys. Whatever this season brings or wherever we go, let’s take pleasure in the experience.

Here are five easy ideas to keep your joy flourishing on these hot mid-year months.

  • Relax: Take a slower pace—no need to rush to the next thing. Enjoy what you have. Want an easy way to detach from busyness? Take an early-morning walk to embrace nature. Ponder your day instead of rushing into it.
  • Refresh: A long winter with challenging circumstances might have held you inside, now you have the chance to watch a blazing sunset melt into the earth. On sultry nights, take a blanket outside and stargaze. The wonders of the universe and creation are gifts to behold. Enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.
  • Reflect: Keep your thoughts on the possibilities of the day. Have a mindset like poet Walt Whitman. “Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.” Make this summer the best and live it without regrets. Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday.
  • Rejoice: Grab your sandals and sunscreen. Dance in the sunlight or sing at the top of your lungs on your porch. Don’t worry what anyone thinks. Live life fully while you have it.
  • Remember: No one is in charge of your joy except you. It connects us to the good things in life.


Joy is what makes life beautiful. It fills our soul with delight. Everything is brighter, happier, and better in every way. It’s knowing that the best time to live is right now. I choose joy. How about you?

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