Rest Brings Success

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.” ~ Banksy

Seniors who once led leadership roles often find the journey through retirement difficult. If you struggle with finding excellence in retirement, I hope you find encouragement to continue toward your goals and not give up. It is important to rest during struggles. Sometimes, stress and problems lead to mental and physical exhaustion. When fatigue creeps in, rest helps us recharge our batteries. After proper rest, our minds and bodies are ready to continue toward our goals. Rest also helps us achieve our God-given potential.

Recently, I traveled to Florida to put an investment property up for sale after my renter’s contract ended. I found my couch and dining room set missing, along with the renter. After a good cry, I placed a for-sale-by-owner sign in the window. Hours later, a woman stopped to view my home and made an offer to buy the house. Writing my first purchase agreement caused me much distress. A home inspector pointed out a few issues. The buyer chose to back out of the deal even though I agreed to repair the inspector’s findings.

I learned everything I could to get the house in quality shape. I never felt adequate to fix the repairs, therefore I researched for days different potential contractors. My attempts to locate replacement furniture, remodel and make decisions about the repairs wrecked my body and mind, causing me to shut down. I didn’t know how to proceed. As an overachiever, it’s hard to admit you struggle. Out of sheer exhausting, I took time off.

Three days later, I decided to hire a realtor to sell my house. I packed my belongings with renewed energy and headed home in peace.

After the listing went live on the internet, the realtor showed the property three times. By the end of the day, a contract came in for the asking price.

Rest paves the way to continue onward to success. Listen to your body. If you’re overly stressed or tired from fixing problems, do your best to enter the rest God offers.

Today’s Thoughtv

How would your life change if you rested between stacks of struggles?

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