Retirement is a time to celebrate you!

What makes you unique? Shine bright like the gem you are.

BACKGROUND: How do you shine? What gives you character? How are you a gem? We created this tool to help you appreciate yourself – in all your uniqueness and difference! While we’re all more similar than we realize, it helps us value ourselves when we recognize what makes us uniquely who we are.


  1. Set aside 30 minutes to celebrate you! Find somewhere relaxing where you can sink into this exercise.
  2. Start by brainstorming your unique qualities, knowledge, skills and experiences below. Some tips:
  • No judgment – there is just the reality of you.
  • Think broadly, loosely and from the heart.
  • Include duplicates and similar items – these are good as it shows a theme or pattern!
  • Include small things, big things, important things and “unimportant” things.
  • Include what makes you different, unique – anything and everything that makes you shine.
  1. When the area is filled, circle the ten items you’re most proud of.
  2. For each of the ten things you’ve circled, consider what strengths & qualities lie underneath, e.g., completing a marathon might represent courage, determination, and focus. Write these different qualities next to the item.
  3. Please choose the one item you like most about yourself, and put a star next to it.

Here are some things to consider below: Your life experiences, choices, and difficult experiences because they have a “take away” to help move us forward. Add healthy habits, the challenges you have overcome, achievements, hobbies, skills and talents (however small, simple or seemingly unimportant.) Plus your qualities, your yearnings, your creations, how you make a difference in the world!