Personal Recommendations

They say good things come in small packages, that is an understatement for Linda Center. This little powerhouse of a woman came into my life one Sunday when she attended our church. She sat near me and from our first hello, I sensed her strength. I have learned over the years as a life group leader to value women of inner strength and motivation. Linda is like having an artesian well in your midst. Always flowing, always positive, always giving life. Her best is yet to come!

Marieta Hicks Kerley, Bible Teacher
The Crossing Church
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Linda Center is a person of relationships. From her personal relationship with young, unwed mothers whom she helps to choose life, she has been an active, faithful, and compassionate servant for many years at Oyster Bay Baptist Church. Her leadership of our church to appreciate the ministry to the unborn has increased the strength of our church’s relationship with ministry to others.
"Carry on Linda!"

Jerry Peebles, Pastor
Oyster Bay Baptist Church
Gulf Shores, Alabama

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